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Raffles @ The Hub 2015 - Peony Wong

Posted by Raffles on March 03, 2015


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Peony Wong, Hong Kong
Raffles Hong Kong’s Year 2 Student - Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design
Gender Fluidity
In our society people tend to use the terms “sex” and “gender” interchangeably and indeed often wrongly view them as the same thing. Sex is biological element, which refers to anatomy and hormones whereas gender is far more complicated phenomena.
Being gender fluid has nothing to do with one’s birth sex, orientation or appearance. Gender fluid is better described as an identity performance that captures a dynamic mix of male and female traits, or not identifying and connecting with either, or indeed with both.
The aim of this project is to visualize the concept of gender fluid and express the idea that people can live their lives without the restrictive binary boundaries and stereotypical expectations from our heteronormative society.

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