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The immense advancements that have risen from new discoveries and the development in media technology are constantly altering the field of visual communication. These changes have also brought about unprecedented challenges and opportunities for both the prospective and active visual communication practitioners.
Recognizing the need to keep pace with the rapidly evolving the thriving and fast-growing digital game design entertainment environment, the aim of the Advanced Diploma in Video Games Design programme is to provide students an industry-focused design curriculum in a professional and creative setting.
In the programme, you will be exposed to a well-balanced course of study encompassing the fundamental theories and the most up-to-date technical skills in design. In addition, you are required to put the knowledge and skills into practice in a variety of design exercises and projects. Underpinned by solid foundation of design, you will be introduced to more advanced design disciplines in Video Games Design such as Oriented Object Programming for designers, Advanced Programming for Game Designers, Screenplay and Storyboarding, Game Level Design, Body Mechanics (rigging), Matte Painting Design Studio and more.
Comprehensive Curriculum
The curriculum of the programme will be delivered in a mix of teaching tactics ranging from lectures and seminars to tutorials and various assessment methods including assignments, presentations, research, and quiz. Throughout the programme, emphasis will be put on the conceptual abilities and aesthetic sensibilities of the students. The main objective of the programme is clearly about enabling students to develop games design from conceptualization to production.
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