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Raffles @ The Hub 2015 - Rachel Ching

Posted by Raffles on February 27, 2015


See which Raffles designer has been selected for The HUB in March 2015 –

Rachel Ching, Hong Kong
Raffles Hong Kong’s Year 2 Student - Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design
Phone Pet (Digital Illustration)

“The idea behind my illustration is to show the irrational situation of the relationship between new technology and the human condition, where people will do whatever is needed to get an electronic notification”.

The invention of mobile technology certainly makes life easier. However, it can be said that the addiction to gadgetry and the obsession with social media causes the human to become the ‘pet’ of their own invention. People seek confidence and confirmation from this viral world. Merely one ‘like’ on a social media platform gives us a fleeting validation and an ego boost.

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