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Raffles @ The Hub 2015 - Interior Designers

Posted by Raffles on March 03, 2015

See which Raffles designers have been selected for The HUB in March 2015 –

Jelena Chu, Dickson Lau, Adela Kwong, Vincci Sin, Jacky Lam, Joyce Yick, Cherie Cheung, Arthur Ying, Vanessa Ma (Hong Kong), Nitesh Gurung (Nepal)
Raffles Hong Kong’s Year 2 Student - Bachelor of Design majoring in Interior Design
“The Creative Flux” Booth Design

It is one thing to develop designs for class assignments and to endure countless critique sessions that typically involve redesigns, late nights and continuous creative reformation. It is a whole new world to be tasked with designing a structure that can house the most talented designers Raffles Hong Kong has to offer.

This exciting task required the students to design a structure that captures the essence of our theme ‘Creative Flux’. The Year 2 Interior Design Students at Raffles HK eagerly accepted the challenge to generate ideas for the design of the Raffles booth for The Hub. Working under the theme of Creative Flux, the booth design needed to be functional, adaptable, captivating and compact. Easy enough right?

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