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Fashion Design Guest Lecture - Techpacker

Posted by Raffles on November 10, 2015


Thanks to Ms Josie Tam and Mr. Sayam Kochar, co-founders of Techpacker, for sharing their insights of the industry with our design students!

The two co-founders shared their journey and insights with our Design and Business Management students, from the initial idea, setting the roadmap, right through to creating the business plan, finding investment, to establishing the startup and future plans.

The talk was truly inspirational and beneficial to our students!

About Techpacker & the Co-founders

Techpacker is an app that helps fashion designers communicate more effectively with factories.

As the Chief Solution Officer of Techpacker, Josie Tam graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with Masters in Information & Technological Management. Her background in fashion ERP systems and technological insights of fashion supply chain helps the app identify and overcome any technical difficulties between the ideation and development.

Sayam Kochar, the Chief Marketing Officer of Techpacker is based out of New York. His job role is to bridge the success of the company through his communication skills. After graduating from FIT with Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising, he worked with Tory Burch in buying. He has also established a private label womenswear line The Radical Playhouse with his wife.

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