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Raffles IDDW - Mini Interior Design Studio - Highlights

Posted by Raffles on August 10, 2015


Can you imagine you can create an interior design work in just two days? The participants of Raffles IDDW 2015 – Interior Design Discovery Workshop have built 3D models developed from their own design concepts!

The passionate students have achieved a lot in the 2-day design studio. They have learnt and experienced the complete design process, from learning the interior design principles – proportion, scale, balance, harmony, rhythm, emphasis, to developing the design concept – generating design sketches, perspective drawing, rendering, building the 3D model and preparing presentation for critique. They learnt, they explored, and they enjoyed working with people who share the same passion.

“It was an intensive experimental workshop that required participants to work closely with each other to develop their ideas. I was happy to be joined by two of my senior students Faisal Banna and Wu Lok Tung who shared their insight with the participants. The resulting designs are very creative and show how goals can be achieved by combining passion with hard work.” said Victor Serrano, Interior Design Programme Coordinator at Raffles International College Hong Kong.

Thank you so much for participating in Raffle IDDW 2015. Keep on pursuing your design and hope to see you all in the design industry in the future!

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