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Student Story: Vivian Wong (Fashion Design)

Posted by Raffles on May 11, 2016

Start from Zero: Create your Own Fashion Design Path!

Being a Fashion Design student who is going to graduate within two terms, Vivian Wong has reviewed her 3-year Bachelor Degree journey with Raffles International College (Hong Kong). After the completion of her Associate Degree in Behavioral Science, Vivian was frustrated because she was struggled to find the direction for her career. Encouraged by her father who is working in the fashion industry, Vivian started to explore her possibility in being a fashion designer by applying “traditional” design schools for short courses. However, most colleges require a brilliant design portfolio which is what Vivian lacked – before she got an opportunity to join Raffles Hong Kong for a Bachelor of Design majoring Fashion Design.
From Zero to Professional
Starting her Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion Design at Raffles Hong Kong gave her a chance to develop her fashion design skills and knowledge from the basics. With small class sizes, lecturers can teach and mentor Vivian based on her own progress and style. It facilitates the development of her own design personality and unleashed her talent in Fashion Design. Vivian has been guided by Raffles Hong Kong’s Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing Programme Director - Stefán Orschel-Read, who graduated from the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and designed for Lady Gaga with his menswear label Orschel-Read. As a mentor, Stefan gives Vivian numerous support and encouragement; while as an industry practitioner, he nurtures Vivian by giving frequent advices and critics which push Vivian to reach her potential.
During her second year, Vivian won the fashion design competition collaborated between Raffles Hong Kong and one of the most globalized merchandising companies - Metro Group Buying (HK) Ltd (MGB), and was offered an internship in the company.
From Design to Real-World Internship: How the Fashion Industry Works
During her internship in the Womenswear Department of MGB, Vivian had learnt various professional design technics - from designing to production and liaising with manufacturers. Vivian is now preparing her final collection.Besides, Vivian has worked on a design project collaborated between Mira Shopping Centre and Raffles Hong Kong with other students from the Interior Design department.
Shining at Hong Kong Fashion Week with her Own Fashion Label
Vivian expressed her heartfelt thanks to Stefán for his teaching and guidance. When she participated in the Hong Kong Fashion Week for the first time in 2014, she assisted in the show as a backstage helper. A year later, her collection Private and Confidential was selected to be staged on the runway of Hong Kong Fashion Week 2015 – Raffles Fashion Show and judged by professional judges such as Walter Ma from the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. Through this prestigious fashion event, Vivian’s efforts in these 2 years are recognized by the industry and professionals, and her designs are praised by international fashion buyers.
Raffles' lecturers train every student according to professional and industrial-level standards. Vivian thinks that the way Stefán and Fashion Design lecturer Leonie Slattery train her has made it easy for her to adapt to the real industry, inspired and given her direction of what to pursue. After graduating from Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion Design at Raffles Hong Kong, Vivian will focus on her own fashion label VIV.W (http://www.viv-w.com) and bring her collections to various fashion shows in London, Paris and New York – which were invited by the industry after she got spotted at the Hong Kong Fashion Week 2015. She, as the founder and designer of VIV.W, was also invited to participate iD International Emerging Design Awards – which gave her a great opportunity to compete and interact with designers from more than 11 countries. At the same time, she will continue to work part-time at a fashion design firm which allows her to explore different design styles and build her own fashion design career.
Keep on trying and Create your Own Fashion Design Path!
"Be determined, dare to try, and believe in what you are pursuing" - Vivian gave her encouragement to those who want to study fashion design and develop a successful career in this industry. It does not matter where you start. Work hard and you will get to create your first garment, your first collection, your own label, and eventually this will lead you to your own fashion design path which will be worth it.

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