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Raffles Shanghai Fashion Week 2018

Posted by Raffles on April 06, 2018

Hyper-Reality impresses at Shanghai Fashion Week
A striking Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 exposition by Raffles Design Institute
Our world is combined with the digital and the virtual to form a reality, thus innovation merges with fashion in design. Showcasing 17 talented designers, Raffles Design Institute’s Hyper-Reality catwalk show was held at 800SHOW in Shanghai on 2 April 2018. The stunning collections made a credible impression on the runway to truly present Raffles graduates’ concepts and international aesthetics.

Fashion design reflects the light of art through talent. The theme of this year’s Shanghai fashion show was Hyper-Reality. Our design graduates come from different countries and backgrounds and they designed and hand-made their collections to showcase their talent and creativity. Their collections were inspired by the philosophy of identity, social commentary, experiences of marginalised minorities and scrutinised the importance of faith in the context of our glitched digital world.

The industry spotlight focused on 2 out of the 17 collections, namely “Nostalgia” by SINMEI and “Nirvana & Rebirth” by Eylina Chan.

“Nostalgia” is a contemporary menswear collection created by SINMEI, a graduate of Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong). Inspired by the act of birth with consideration towards the trauma suffered by the child, not on the mother, the collection uses multiple fabrics all in a single tone, including suede, vegan fur, melton, worsted wools and tweed, capturing an awkward harmony.
SINMEI was awarded with the Collection of the Year Award.

The Special Creativity Award went to Eylina Chan. Inspired by ancient fable of Zhou Ying and her ability to be reborn from ashes, the designer from Raffles Design Institute (Shanghai) embedded the ideas of ‘revival’ in her creations. Her garments referenced traditional Beijing opera coats and adopted a wide variety of textile techniques and embellishments. She tied in design elements including traditional Chinese tea and the power of the phoenix in ancient Chinese fables.

Our graduates’ fashion design collections impressed the attending fashion designers, key opinion leaders, media and VIPs who attended the fashion show. Even more encouraging is the invitations by international brands to collaborate with our graduates and to optimise their designs and concepts for more commercialised applications and strategic sales.

The 76 outfits shown at Shanghai Fashion Week reflect Raffles Design Institute’s firm belief in practical learning, leading students to succeed by applying what they learn to their practice. We encourage students to pursue excellence in their chosen territories and stand out among their peer groups. Immersed in an international learning environment and cultural mix, Raffles Design Institute unleashes the passion and creativity in design of our students.

We cannot wait to see more stunning international collections with innovative and stylish elements at our next catwalk show.
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