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Miramar Shopping Centre X Raffles Hong Kong "Green Fashion Exhibition"

Posted by Raffles on May 16, 2016

Raffles International College (Hong Kong) teams up with one of the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong - Miramar Shopping Centre to promote sustainable fashion in a ‘Green Fashion Exhibition’. 7 eco-friendly outfits designed by our Fashion Design students (Bachelor of Design) are now showcasing in Miramar Shopping Centre from May 16 to June 20.

The exhibition includes collaborative works from 9 of our Fashion Design Year 2 & 3 undergraduates, who have taken the subject “Sustainable Design”. Although varying greatly in style, the garments convey the same message – Sustainable Fashion Can Save the Planet. From recycled denim to discarded umbrellas, the designers give domestic and textile waste a second life by transforming them into an assemblage of chic apparel that includes active-wear and avant-garde pieces; proving that quality, style and sustainability can coexist.

In the process of nurturing young fashion talents, Raffles’ fashion practitioners take their students to the often-overlooked side of the industry. The Sustainable Design module shows them the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet and how they could approach sustainability through design. The class was divided into groups to design sustainable clothing items using upcycling, zero-waste-cutting and other techniques. They let their imaginations run wild and have designed outfits with materials seldom used in the industry such as wrapping plastic; the most exciting sets of designs have been selected for the upcoming exhibition.

Introduction of the Garments

1.     Grace Kwong & Perry Ma

               Main Materials Used
Broken umbrellas with UV protection; end-of-line fabrics.
How Goal of Sustainability is Achieved
·        Reduction of pollution by decreasing the number of umbrellas going to landfill, thereby creating a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle.

Queenmy Wong & Daisy Liang

                       Main Materials Used
Waste materials collected at the college campus; fabric remnants.
How Goal of Sustainability is Achieved
·        Usage of up-cycling.
·        All off-cuts made during the manufacturing stage are used in the hand-made trimmings.
3.     Ayu Wong & Estee Chan

              Main Materials Used
Wrapping plastic; end-of-line wool and poly/cotton blends; hand felted remnants.
How Goal of Sustainability is Achieved
·        Use of natural dyes and felting.
·        Re-use of fabrics and wrapping plastic.

4.     Celia Ng

                          Main Materials Used
Second-hand denim; leftover wool suiting.
How Goal of Sustainability is Achieved
·        Upcycling of fabrications.
·        Possibility of recycling denim used in the collection to create new yarn or building insulation
5.     Katy Lo & Jackie Lu

            Main Materials Used
Neoprene, organza and netting remnants.
How Goal of Sustainability is Achieved
·        Zero-waste pattern cutting.
·        Extension of product life cycle by transformation into sports-lux apparel.
‘Miramar X Raffles HK: Green Fashion Exhibition’ is an exhibition organized by Raffles Hong Kong and Miramar Shopping Mall. The exhibition is open to the public and can be viewed from May 16 until June 20 on L2, Miramar Shopping Centre. For details, please visit https://www.mira-mall.com.hk.

If you are interested in knowing more about our 3-Year Bachelor of Design Degree Programme, please click  here.

Do you want to make a sustainable garment in just 3 hours? On June 10, you can take part in the Sustainable Design Workshop which conducted by Raffles HK Fashion Dessign and Fashion Marketing Programme Director - Mr. Stefán Orschel-Read  (Click here for lecturer profiles)

In the workshop, you will learn:
Zero-waste pattern cutting
Unused materials crafting
Fashion draping 

Dates & Time:                  10 June 2016 (Fri) 7pm-10pm
Places Available:            15
Lecturer:                          Stefán Orschel-Read  (Click 
here for lecturer profiles)

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